This video chat section is to do video meetings (or just web chats for visitors) using one of many avenues we have access to throughour web content manager's donations of his servers. We have a Jitsi server running on a dedicated vps for this purpose via a different domain name. We have found we can embed a room on websites, so here is the one for this site.

Video Chat Linkup Page

Another service at our disposal is Uberconference, and a third is Zoom*.

Uberconference, here we have access to 3 rooms to use. All 3 rooms have a max capacity of 100. These have the ability for you to call in by phone as well. Uberconference does not allow embedding in this site, so if using any of these 3 rooms, use the details below. The link provided will take you off this site in a new tab.

Our JITSI server which is on a different domain name that W1KMC runs, hosts the JITSI server site.

This server requires a host to start the meeting. A box asking for the host to sign in appears if no authorized host has arrived as yet. Hang loose, W1KMC, K1DAE, WA1JMM, or another authorized host user, will be there shortly. Want a one-on-one on the fly with us or another ham host at other times? Use the chat icon in lower right corner (if it is BLUE) to get our attention and we will sign in for you to video with us.

* Zoom is popular for video meetings but unless you pay for a hosted account you are limited on the length of multi person meetings to 45 minutes. Our web manager (W1KMC) does plan on doing this, but has a glitch somewhere else so cannot set the account up. This message will drop at that point.

Room Name
Room LinkMax AtendeesCall in NumberPIN #
Jitsi room for
K1PQ site
Video Chat Linkup Page
- to stay on this site, or
- to go off this site in a new tab.
We don't know,
help us find out.
None yet,
Working on it.
sharedpbx-room1Uber Conference Room 1100207-209-4691No PIN Needed
sharedpbx-room2Uber Conference Room 2100207-579-4450No PIN Needed
sharedpbx-room3Uber Conference Room 3100207-707-7991No PIN Needed

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