Our postal mail addresses are:
General Club CorrespondenceMembership / Dues
$15/Yr Individual -- $25/Yr Family
Call Sign Trustee / Signal Reports
Piscataquis Amateur Radio Club
c/o Debbie Ellis - K1DAE
178 Ohio St Apt 2
Bangor, ME 04401-4740
PARC Membership Dues
c/o Ben Kittredge - WA1PBR Treasurer
88 Hovey Rd
Milo, ME 04463
K1PQ Call Sign Trusee
c/o Bill Welsh - KB1WEA
427 Downs Rd
Sebec, ME 04481

We have a “Club Receptionist” (or two, our webmaster and his lady). The Club phone number is 207-631-2593 or Toll-Free at 888-587-9296, the number reaches us anywhere so just hang on, and enjoy the ham themed content. Our webmaster also has a Fax line 888-591-5122, faxes for Officers may take until the next meeting to get delivered.

A more complete,printable PDF Tele-Tree will be available here soon. For now, just call the operator or use the menus.

Your System Operators are: -- Dial ' 0 ' to reach an operator
ExtensionOfficeName / Call
3100Primary Operator:Kevin Carman - W1KMC
3200Alternate Operator:Debbie Ellis - K1DAE
3600Alternate Operator:W1KMC/K1DAE's QTH Data Room upstairs
Club Officers:
3201President:George Dean, WA1JMM
3202Vice President:Kevin M Carman, W1KMC* >> 3100
3203Secretary:Debbie Ellis, K1DAE* >> 3200
3204Treasurer:Ben Kittredge, WA1PBR* >> 3223
* A person with more than one extension - the 2nd (or more) will be forwarded internally to the primary for the user.
Other Positions
3223Amateur Radio Exam Liaison:Ben Kittredge, WA1PBR
3224K1PQ Call Sign Trustee:Bill Welsh, KB1WEA
3225N1BUG Repeater Owner/Trustee:Paul Kelley, N1BUG
3100Web Content Manager / Editor:Kevin M Carman, W1KMC